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Couch to 5k


Running for Beginners : Couch to 5km

Even if you’ve never run before, follow this straightforward plan for beginners to run 5K without stopping in eight weeks

Running five kilometres without stopping is a great goal to have. It’s a target that only requires a pair of trainers, can be done anywhere and is something that almost anyone can achieve in a couple of months. Along the way you’ll also enjoy clear signs of how much you are improving your fitness, as you find that you’re able to run further every week, along with the other benefits of running.

It’s true that the first couple of times you run are probably not going to be that enjoyable because your body’s not used to it. But the good news is that your body will adapt in next to no time. This 5K training plan builds up the amount of running you do very slowly so your body can acclimatise gradually and you don’t have to worry that your legs will be too stiff to walk the next day. If you keep at it for a couple of months it is absolutely certain – and this is a 100%, take-it-to-the-bank guarantee – that you will start to enjoy running. You might even become addicted?

There are lots of great ways to work towards a first 5K. For ours,


a) you can download the plan in its print form, 


b) join our online program where you complete the sessions as and when you wish to progressing onto the next run only once th current one has been completed, or


c) start alongside others on one of our targeted start dates, you’ll be doing it with a group of like-minded beginners embarking on the same journey as you, guided by experienced runners & Coaches who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Option 1:

Visit the link which has the full training plan information alongside the downloadable version of the 8week plan

Option 2:

Join the online program here:

Running a Race

Join the Next Group

Option 3:

After Mays Event ends in July 2024, we will break up for summer before launching a new program in September 2024

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