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Race Tops

Club kit is purchased in bulk at least twice per year by the clubs committee based on requests of current members and rounded up to have a small holding stock.

Prior to each purchase point, there will be a 3-4 week promotional push for kit orders with a deadline issued. Once the deadline is passed, the club will order all items requested and purchase a few extras to replenish holding stocks.

Upon arrival, the club will distribute kit based on the pre orders first followed by kit provision to new members currently without before allowing newer orders to be actioned.

Outside of the bulk ordering periods, kit can be ordered individually by members through the website based on stock availability

Prices & size guides are listed in the description to our best information from Scimitar

We occasionally have kit return by members when they leave or change sizes. These will be advertised in the clubs kit whatsapp group.

The next purchase deadline is: July 7th 2024

Any issues with ordering kit, please contact the club secretary on whatsapp or email :

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