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Proposed Volunteer Roles 2022
Club Officers

Vacant or Succession Roles are applicable by self nomination and seconded status only from registered club members present at an AGM.

Nominated officers should hold no more that two roles to maintain the integrity of each roles workloads, Role shares available.

Roles may be left vacant where no nominations received

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Role Descriptions:

All role descriptions are standardised but not limited to the points listed below.

  1. Team Managers (Male & Female Captains)

  2. Public Relations Officer

  3. Coaching Development Officer

  4. Club Events Director

  5. Club Historian & Statistics

  6. Member Events Coordinator

Team Manager (x2) : Male & Female, one role may cover the other if vacant

2022/23 - Team manager(s) will cover all fixtured races

As a team manager, you play a crucial role in the success of the team. It’s up to you to pull together the best team possible and to get the most out of them at competition. It’s not always about the athletes winning – sometimes it’s about them doing their best or even improving on their personal best. The best team managers make all competitions fun and exciting and ensure good team morale, this approach leads to long term success by retaining and developing athletes for longer.


Pre competition responsibilities

·    Communicate fixture lists in advance to athletes, parents, and coaches

·    Selected the team by;

a.    Liaising with the committee on club priorities for competition

b.    reviewing performance using tools such as Power of 10

c.    liaising with coaches

d.    liaising with athletes (if over 18) and parents (if athletes are U18)


·    Encourages athletes to liaise directly with their coach if they need support deciding on which events they should do.

·    Liaise with the competition provider to submitting team details (using the competition preferred method i.e., portal)

·    Facilitating change requests and amendments as required pre-event and updating the competition provider

·    Ensure all your team are affiliated members of your club and England Athletics

·    Build rapport with the athletes

·    Reenforce code of conducts and rules of the competition

·    Check all athletes have the correct kit and equipment.

·    Carry out a Risk Assessment ahead of the competition and ensure that appropriate measures are in place that mitigates risk

·    Ensure that the adequate supervision is in place (for athletes u18)

·    Keep a list of contact details and medical information for everyone in your team.

·    Ensure that all the team receive pre competition information such as competition venue, rules, timetable, meeting points etc..

During competition responsibilities

·    Team Managers are the main point of contact for athletes and parents

·    Attend any Team Manager meetings by the meeting manager to ensure you are aware of any changes to the scheduled programme.

·    Create a positive and supportive environment for athletes

·    Ensure that all under 18s athletes are supervised during competition

·    Numbers and timetable are issued to the athletes

·    Ensure athletes are warmed up and ready for their event

·    Offer emotional and wellbeing support to athletes

·    Ensure that athletes get to their event on time

·    Help athletes celebrate and reflect on their performance

·    Answering any queries as necessary by athletes or parents

·    Liaise with competition provider to manage athlete withdrawals and injuries


Post competition responsibilities

·    Provide feedback to the coaches (if they didn’t attend)

·    Sharing the official competition results with the athletes, parents, coaches, and wider club

·    Prepare reports on the progress and successes of the team and its members for the local press

·    Celebrate successes (Pbs, performance, result, effort) by sharing a highlight report and photos with the volunteer responsibility for club media

·    Nominate athletes for recognition and awards.


Person specification

It is recommended that Team Managers:

·    Are over 18 years old

·    Have completed a DBS check

·    Have completed the online safeguarding course

·    Are aware of the club’s safeguarding policy and procedures

·    Work with others to ensure the adequate supervision is in place

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The PRO, a new role for 2022, is tasked with creating and maintaining the view of the club to the public, liaising with both the executive committee and Club officers.

These areas include:

Website - update and maintain club updates, news and accessibility whilst maintaining registered GDPR standards on a regular basis.

Social Media - Curate and Unify social accounts under the SBH name including branding publications, Creating accounts to establish reach on each platform, produce content on regular intervals to promote the clubs athletes and volunteers, promote volunteering & community work undertaken by current or former members, provide secure environments for member only discussions online.

Produce blog content for various streams at regular intervals

Encourage other members to produce reviews from races & events attended

Promote club target events in alliance with coaches & team managers

Produce PR content for local medias to improve status of the club within the non-athletic community

Coaching Development Officer *Must have relevant UKA accreditation

  • Create, implement and manage a coaching structure that will offer athlete progression across all athletic disciplines which Skelmersdale Boundary Harrier Club is permitted to deliver based on current facilities, separate to Group Road/Trail Runs.

  • Create implement and manage of a Yearly Coaching Plan for all relevant event groups

  • Actively encourage recruitment of new coaches and progressive training of all existing coaches

  • Manage coach recruitment and training

  • Organise rotas of qualified coaches for designated sessions

  • Maintain the coaching information with the PRO & Club Secretary – list of coaches, upcoming courses etc.

  • Liaise with coaches involved in other disciplines to create a catalogue of progressive training sessions for all event groups and events.

  • Maintain contact with England Athletics officers responsible for coach development and in so doing keep up to date with coaching strategy, structure and coach recruitment & development options.

  • Arrange reimbursement of course fees in accordance with current Club policy.

  • Encourage more members and parents to become coaches & Volunteers

  • Review code of conduct for coaches, athletes and helpers.

  • Negotiate with venue owners

  • Co-ordinate team to support

  • Attend & present report at AGM where necessary

  • Thorough knowledge of those UKA Rules for Competition pertaining to Road Running

  • Business communication & event management skills & experience, including team management & delegation of activities

  • Maintain Junior db & liaise with Membership Secretary and Welfare Officer

  • Produce regular updates to Junior section with regard to competitions, training etc both by email and information cards

  • Support coaches for competition team sheets

  • Update web site with news & events

  • Maintain waiting list

  • Update waiting list applicants at least twice a year

  • Publish & manage Run Leaders rota

  • Designate local, popular and County Championship races as ‘Target Races’ and encourage members to enter

  • Communicate results to the Press Officer for inclusion in the weekly press report.

  • Ensure fixtures are announced to athletes

  • Assist Team managers to Co-ordinate teams for competitions

Club Events Director

  • Lead director of Parbold hill race and hosted Cross Country Events

  • Thorough knowledge of those UKA/TRA Rules for Competition pertaining to Road/Trail Running

  • Familiarity with Race Licence acquisition, race referees and subsequent payment requirements

  • Business communication & event management skills & experience, including team management & delegation of activities

  • Acquire race licence

  • Negotiate with venue owners

  • Co-ordinate team to support

  • Attend & present report at AGM where necessary

  • Lead creation of club hosted events across various distances

Club Historian & Statistics Officer (non Committee Vote)

  • Receive, Collate, update and maintain a results archive on behalf of SBH committee

  • Provide updates of records and achievements to the PR

Member Events Coordinators (Non Committee Vote)

  • Organise club social events (Awards Dinner, barbecue, quiz nights, etc.).

  • Liaise with committee to define purpose of event (i.e. fundraising or social).

  • Ensure financial viability of fund raising events.

  • Agree budget for social events with committee.

  • Co-opt other members where necessary to assist with events.

  • Ensure events are open to all and communicated to all by the various club communication channels.

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