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2024 Club Grand Prix

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  • The Club holds an internal “Grand Prix” for which points are awarded on a first past the post and an Age graded & Gender basis.

  • The Grand Prix will be administered by the Grand Prix Organisers, who may be a committee member of the club.

  • The Grand Prix will consist of 10 races selected by the Organisers. Races will be of varying distances to be run within a 6-month period ending each year at Mawdesley 10k. Where possible, priority will be given to local races and in any case races must be within reasonable travelling distance of the club. The Organiser should take account of other fixtures at which the club has official participation to avoid a clash.

  • The Grand Prix will be open to all paid-up members of the club. While non first-claim members and under 18 are eligible for Grand Prix prizes, they are ineligible to receive awards/prizes in club championships, irrespective of whether such championships are decided in Grand Prix events. In order for their performance to score in a Grand Prix event, members must enter as affiliated to Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers and visibly wear the club kit (Charity events exempt).

  • Where available, chip times will be used.

  • The Organiser will be responsible for advertising Grand Prix races at least one month in advance, by making race information available to the club website.

  • Individuals will be responsible for entering themselves for each event.

  • The Grand Prix will be scored on both an age-graded and percentage score against first-past-the-post, for both male and female members of the club. All members who complete a Grand Prix race shall be awarded a score.

  • The Organiser will keep a record of Grand Prix results and a running total of up-to-date scores during the course of the 10 races and shall display this information on the club medias as well as making it available to the club website. The overall winner of the past-the-post trophy will not be considered for the overall age-graded trophy (no double-dipping rule).

  • A maximum of (the best) 6 results will score towards a Grand Prix participant’s final total in any one category.

  • Age grading scores will be awarded as per each individual events results publication

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