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2024 Total Runner

What is it?

Can you be the best runner across all distances?

Total runner takes your best performance in each of ;

5k, 5mile, 10k, 10mile & Half marathon

and accumulates your scores to give you a 'total score'


  • Event Duration will be over a calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.

  • Each event must have a published time ased results.

  • Runners will be scored on their best recorded time over each of 5 distances: 5km, 5mile, 10km, 10mile & half marathon. The 5 scores will be accumlated to your total score.

  • Runners must post their scores to the admistrator via the form below for it to count.

  • An upto date results ladder will be shared across the club each month

  • Scoring will be both as a time and as an age/gender variated score using the formula publicised by RunBritain. This is simlar to the Parkrun age graded scoring seen each weekend.

  • Awards will be presented for top times in each distance, best age/gender scores for each distance and then the overall competition Awards for accumulated scoring. Additional awards may be created over te year based on results received.

  • Prizes will be presented at the following years Annual Awards night.

Tell us about your run

Thanks for submitting! If its a seasons best, look out for how it affects your overall score at the end of the month

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