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Access to Coaching

As part of the continued growth of the club, we want to ensure all members have access to our coach(es) and the services available to help all members to receive the advice, guidance and direction they deserve and should come to expect at SBH, to help you perform to your potential.

At SBH our priority is making sure that we understand and listen to your needs and your performance goals, and then help craft the training, accountability and support that helps you reach them.

To acheive this we'll be utilising an online platform, Training Peaks, on which Dan is offering all members the first two tiers of his coaching service, as described below;

Tier 0 : is the free option and gives all members an online calendar of sessions that club provides including written session descriptions, an up to date club race diary and, if linked, a record of your training similar to those found on Strava/garmin/etc. Additionally you have the option to add your own races to the calendar.

So how are these used in coaching?

When you have a race you wish to train for, a coach will always refer to your training history, fitness work, injury history, availability going forwards & any other factors that impact your journey such as booked races, personal events, employment restrictions etc. Through TPs this will already be available to Dan and your free guidance towards your goal race can be provided faster, efficiently and throughly.

Being an SBH member, you then have the opportunity to check-in with Dan to keep an eye on your training throughout your event journey.

But how do use coaching feedback to positively affect your run sessions?

Dan will help all runners to understand the training zones required of their current fitness, the goal paces required to reach their goals and what speeds you should aim to run in different session types. If you feel this is alot of information then you can have this added to diary in tier 1.

Tier 1, priced at £5 per month, gives you everything in Tier0 alongside access to the specific training format of the coaching platform for our SBH run sessions, laid out in a format that displays your target zones & timings directly to your gps based device (some devices require additional setup).

Can I have a program for my specific goal event?

In short, yes. Training peaks hosts a vast array of coaches worldwide and their programs to purchase, and Dan is one of these. Any event specific program you purchase can be run alongside your SBH tiers.

Which of these does Dan offer?

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Dan holds a wide collection of training programs for various sports, events and distances, alongside additional strength & conditioning, rehabilitation and recovery programs (These are currently being converted to Training Peaks' online formats and will be made availabl for purchase in the coming months).

Currently Dan works 1-2-1 with all his athletes, ensuring programs are bespoke to each athlete and their racing goals, these are Tiers 2-5 purchasable via monthly packages at

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