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About our club

Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers welcome all abilities to our friendly running club

Our History


Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers was officially formed on 13th May 1983.


The seeds were sown (August 1981)

Dave Goulding (founder member) and his friend Terry Jopson had set about to become fit, running around Skelmersdale and Ormskirk, and in August 1981, they entered the Pony British Marathon and completed the course in a respectable tine of 4 hours 38 mins 56 secs (along with 9000 other runners). The seeds were sown.


The dream was born (January 1983)

Two years later, with many runs between them, Dave and Terry decided to form a running club, the "Skelmersdale Jogging Club". On January 14th, 1983, with a slight name change, the "Skelmersdale Striders & Jogging Club" was born. The group organised to meet and run from Glenburn High School every Sunday at 2pm, followed by a pint in the Toby Inn or Knowl Brow (every 2nd Friday of the month). At the time the club colours were white with a blue horizontal stripe. The logo was the "beacon over the valley" image, with permission granted by Skelmersdale District Council at the time to use the logo). Subscriptions at the time were 25p adults, 10p children, 50p families. At the first club meeting, 13 people turned up to run in gale-force winds, hailstone and thunder!

Chance meeting

Within months of forming, the club was approached by the last few members of the Liverpool Boundary Harriers club - Derek Dalton and Dennis Adelsberg with a proposal to amalgamate both clubs. Over the years the Liverpool Boundary Harriers had lost many members due to changes of county boundaries and people leaving Liverpool for neighbouring new towns. The clubs few remaining members had managed to keep their name by hosting the Parbold Hill Race (a 7 mile cross country race). Liverpool Boundary Harriers had no runners and had not been represented at organised races for a few years. The club had a wealth of experience behind them and were members of the Amateur Athletic Association and had established running colours (amber with black hoops).

Liverpool Boundary Harriers dates back to 1898. In 1912, Liverpool City Harriers and Liverpool Boundary Harriers amalgamated, with H Adelsburg as their Captain. In 1919, new club colours were introduced, with a black vest, gold around neck, and a six star badge on back within LBH in six pointed star on front. Shorts were white with black facing. On 25th February, 1925, the club kit was further tweaked, with a white jersey with 6inch amber band with black bands either side.

First meeting of amalgamation (April 1983)

On the 11th April 1983, a meeting was held at the Toby Inn, where it was proposed that the Skelmersdale Striders & Joggers and Liverpool Boundary Harriers amalgamate. The new club would be known as Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers.

The new club colours would be amber and black hoops both sides, and would use the ‘beacon above the valley’ logo and a new committee was formed, with Club President Dennis Adelsburg, Chairman M Jackson, Treasurer D Goulding and Committee Members D Dalton, T Conway, F Lacey, B Fitzgerald and T Mulcany.

Official amalgamation (13th May 1983)

On the 13th May 1983, a constitution for Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers was signed. Formally agreeing the new organisation to known as Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers. Who's objective is to establish and promote an interest in athletics and jogging in the Skelmersdale area. Signed by Club President Dennis Adelsburg & Secretary Dave Goulding.


Early years
During the early years of the Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers, runners recognised the challenge of completing a marathon in under 3 hours. In 1983, Ernie Pryce was only two minutes away from his and the clubs dream of completing the race in 3 hours 39 seconds at the Wolverhampton Marathon. However, in the 1985-86 season, two club runners broke the 3 hour marathon time. Lee Rowlands at Piccadilly (2 hours 54 minutes) and Chris Lyons in North Wales (2 hours 57 minutes). Dave Goulding managing 3 hours 0 mins. In 1986, Dave Goulding was honoured with his part in relaying the Queens Message from Buckingham Palace, London to the opening of ceremony of the XIII Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh on 24th July 1986.


Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers continues to grow as a club and has many achievements under its belt. Our very own Parbold Hill Race has now been running for over 50 years and continues to attract hundreds of runners from across the Northwest each year. The Beacon Park Cross Country Race is proudly regarded as one of the toughest races on the XC calendar. Club members take part in a wide variety of races every year including cross country, trail, road, fell races and ultra races. 

With the 2012 Olympic Games in London, 2014 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh and Parkrun now an established weekly 5k around the country, people are again being inspired to take part in the sport in order to improve their overall fitness, self esteem and meet new people along the way.

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