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Captains report : Clarke Gardens XC 22nd Oct

Captains report. North West Sunday League Cross Country. Round 1 Clarke Gardens

Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers took 14 runners plus some supporters to the sun blessed fields of Clarke Gardens, our hosts Penny Lane Striders had picked the perfect sunday morning for a field of approximately 500 runners. SBH had the men out in force, this week the Oceans SBH 11, with a few new to cross country, some new to the course and the experience of Andy Dalton running Clarke Gardens for the 25th time!! Our Ladies were the super trio, Sally, Jane and Ursula joining force to record a team result in this opening round.

At 10am the mass charge across the grass was signalled by a simple 'GO' and we began the 4.5mile course. A mix of open fields, wooded trail paths, single file tracks and a small stream crossing. Conditions were stunning for late October.

There was a big turnout from the NW clubs and the standard was high, our first finishers in the male and female races just sneaked into the top 100.

And our other finishers started to filter through the finishing funnels. Muddy, smiling and Graham Dowling bleeding with 💛🖤 pride. Each member gathered near the finish to cheer the next runner home. A really good team spirit. Each collecting a well deserved mars bar.

Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers runners at cross country golden vest yellow
SBH runners ready to go before Clarke Gardens XC Oct 2023

The excitement for the new club tent is building as we dismantled our current shelter and then SBH made our way to a local maccies to replace some burnt calories and reflect on the mornings race.

Next weekend we have a fixture at Arrowe Park, Saturday 2pm for both men and women

Be great to keep building on todays success. Well done to everyone who ran, and thank you to those who came to support.


Our finishers:


Sally 95

Jane 120

Ursula 160


Phil 99

Jim 119

Michael Aisbitt 122

Andy M 140

Paul C 194

Graham 201

Barry 226

Mike Ashton 232

Paul Casey 262

Paul Land 263

Andy Dalton 313

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Superb running today team. So proud 💕

Gefällt mir
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