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Proposed Club Roles 2022
Executive Committee

Vacant or Succession Roles are applicable by nomination and seconded status only from registered club members at an AGM.

Numerous applicants will be split by vote of those in AGM attendance.

Roles may be left vacant where no nomiations received

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Role Descriptions:

All role descritiptions are standardised but not limited to the points listed below.

It is expected that all Executive Committee members will assist in any additional day to day duties where appropriate roles are vacant or volunteers absent.

Co-Habiting members will assume the status of one shared vote if in agreement within any voting status.

Honorary President

  • Club Figurehead and face of the club both internal & external of the clubs’ environments

  • Attendance at Committee Meetings, where possible, and deciding vote status on any ties within the committee

  • Support Committee where required

  • Assist in appointing replacement committee if left vacant


  • Provide leadership on all aspects of the club from training to competition, fundraising and social activities.

  • Strategic planning and key decision-making duties

  • Form a team so that all the officer and committee positions are filled, taking in consideration skills, experience and diversity.  

  • Delegating, leading and motivating club volunteers towards club goals/objectives. 

  • Uphold the club constitution and terms of conditions of England Athletics affiliation.  

  • Ensuring an understanding of the legal responsibilities of the club to which the Club complies. 

  • Lead in the enforcement of the club’s code of conduct. 

  • Assist the club to fulfil its responsibilities towards club welfare and safeguarding.

  • Taking responsibility for personal conflicts of interest and declaring, recording and managing these appropriately. 

  • Chairing regular committee meetings and the Annual General Meetings (AGM). 

  • Being actively involved in creating and following a Club Development Plan. 

  • Representing the club at local and regional events, associated meetings/AGM events.

  • Arranging handover or succession planning for the position

  • Has one vote status in executive committee meetings, deciding vote status assumed if President absent/vacant

*Targets 2022/23: Fill committee roles in line with planned expansion


Vice Chair:

  • Support Chair in all active duties

  • Stand in for Chair as or when required in short absences

  • Will assume Chair role, if vacated, until the following AGM

  • Has one vote status in executive committee meetings

  • Vice Chair will not be replaced, if vacant, until the following AGM


Club Secretary:

  • Plan club meetings with the chairperson and agree an agenda with all club officers

  • Circulate details of meetings (time, location, agenda etc.) to club members

  • Take minutes, or appoint role, and circulate to meeting attendees

  • Follow-up with relevant parties on key actions arising from meetings

  • Ensure meetings adhere to procedures of the club constitution (e.g. quorums and election procedures)

  • Being the first point of contact for club enquiries

  • Receive, send and log correspondence on behalf of the Club

  • Delegating tasks to club members

  • Attending to affiliations 

  • Ensuring insurance is up to date and relevant where applicable

  • Maintaining up to date records and reference files

  • Arranging handover or succession planning for the position

  • Taking responsibility for personal conflicts of interest and declaring, recording and managing these appropriately

  • Manage club grievance and disciplinary correspondence.

  • Ensure the club applies for and receives its London Marathon club places entitlement


Club Membership Secretary:

  • Managing the club affiliation renewal 

  • Managing the athlete registration renewal process 

  • Progressing athlete registrations for new members 

  • Maintaining records of all athletes – competitive and social. 

  • Maintaining records of club members who carry out the role of volunteers, coaches and officials 

  • Works with the club treasurer to reconcile membership payments, discounts, refunds etc. 

  • Contacts members in payment arrears to pay club membership dues  

  • Updates coaches each week on who has paid their membership and is eligible to compete. 

  • Responsible for managing athlete transfer requests to other clubs. 

  • Sharing National Governing Body (NGB) registration numbers with members 

  • Reporting to the club secretary on the progress of memberships (growth/decline) etc.  

  • Ensuring data privacy and meeting GDPR obligations as an officer of the club who are a data controller 

  • Arranging handover or succession planning for the position  



  • Managing the club’s income and expenditure and its assets and liabilities  

  • Maintain bank account(s) in the name of the Club in accordance with mandate ratified by the Committee 

  • Producing an end of year financial report 

  • Identifying a suitable individual to independently review the annual accounts 

  • Regularly reporting back to the club committee on all financial matters 

  • Depending on the type of legal structure reporting back to the relevant body as required.  

  • Efficient payment of invoices and bills 

  • Proposing amendments to annual and weekly subscriptions as appropriate 

  • Depositing cash and cheques that the club receives

  • Keeping up to date financial records 

  • Arranging handover or succession planning for the position 

  • Taking responsibility for personal conflicts of interests and declaring, recording and managing these appropriately 

Welfare Officer (England Athletics Training can be provided):

A Club Welfare Officer (CWO) with the support of the club committee has the responsibility to: 

  • implement effective Child Safeguarding Policy and Child Safeguarding Procedures and keep them up to date 

  • implement effective Adult Safeguarding Policy and Adult Safeguarding Procedures and keep them up to date 

  • promote safeguarding at the club and encourage good practice 

  • respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns 

  • regularly report to the club’s organising committee on safeguarding matters 

  • ensure that members of the club/volunteers/staff who are working with children and/or adults at risk are recruited safely and in line with legal requirements 

  • maintain records of safeguarding training attended by club members 

  • maintain records of club coaches and officials’ licences and criminal record checks 

  • make sure the sports volunteers/staff, parents/carers, adults and children are aware of: 

  1. how to contact the CWO 

  2. the codes of conduct for working with children/adults at risk 

  3. how to respond to safeguarding concerns 

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