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All monies for numbers selected can be paid for via Bank transfer or standing order to the following account: 

Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers

77-57-04  37080868


All numbers are £2 per month, or £24 per year


Numbers allocated/free can be seen here:

Tote June

    • A monthly single number draw will take place at at each committee meeting, with result recorded in the committee meeting minutes on each occasion.
    • Total numbers available for selection will equal the current membership tally of the club, unless all numbers have sold out with more than a week until the next meeting/draw date, where an extra 10 numbers will be made available, repeated as required.
    • Each number will cost £2 for a single month and there are no limits on how many numbers a single person can purchase.
    • The number selected will remain your number until you ask for it to be changed via writing to the Secretary (whatsapp included but a response must be received before assuming it has been actioned).
    • There will be additional options to purchase on a standing order or annual basis for a particular number(s).
    • The prize pot will always be half the total pot received for that months draw, with the other half donated to the clubs accounts.
    • What happens if a number wins but hasn’t been purchased? The prize pot will roll over to increase value in the following month.
    • All vacant numbers will be purchasable by cash on the days prior to each meeting, upto 8:10pm when the committee meeting opens. These numbers will not be retained for future months and will still need to be acquired online.
    • How do I pick my number? Visit the club website page, select your number and pay the zero cost through your basket. You can then forward monies to club bank account stating ‘tote’ your number(s) and the month name.
    • Number selection Link:
    • If setting up a direct debit or standing order, please ensure you check with Graham/Dan that details have been received.
    • Any numbers not paid for by Tuesday night 11:59pm previous to the club meeting will be released for purchase by other members.
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