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Thursday Run Groups

Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers now have three running groups on Thursday run nights:

Breakaway Rebels - A gentle paced, sociable running group that run between 5 & 6 mile distance at approx 10.5 minute mile pace with several speed efforts and plenty of recovery stops.


Bandits - A medium paced group that runs between 6 and 7 mile distance at around 9.5 minute mile pace with several speed & hill efforts and recovery stops.

Boundary Bolts - A faster paced group that run between 7 and 8 mile distance at approx 8.5 minute mile pace with several speed and hill efforts, but with less recovery stops than the Bandits.


The sessions are usually between 60 to 90 minutes depending on the route chosen that evening. We always ensure that no-one is left behind and pride ourselves as being a very friendly and supportive running club.


Please note, although we have varied running abilities in our club, we do expect our members to be able to comfortably run a 5K distance (Parkrun).

Training in the Autumn/Winter months tends to be running on road (with high visibility vests and head torches required), whereas Spring/Summer Thursday training often takes place on the trails and paths around Ashurst Beacon, Beacon Country Park, Dalton and surrounding areas.

Other Sessions

Tuesday Social - A 'social' speed focused 4-6mile run that tours West Lancashire by starting at different points each week. All runs will accommodate a slower runner within reason (attendees should be able to cover 5km in 30min).

Saturday Parkrun - Our home parkrun 5km event is Tawd Valley Parkrun which starts and finishes in Skelmersdale town center. SBH members are regular attendees in both participation and volunteering.

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